El Toro

I took El Toro to do laundry with me. I luckily am signed up for the laundry service, “busy bodies”, that picks up my laundry every Tuesday and drops it off every Thursday. There are six times throughout the day on both Tuesday and Thursday that the delivery truck comes to pick up my laundry. I happen to do my laundry every Tuesday and Thursday right after our english class at 11:15. I take my laundry out with my fellow classmates, Dara, Andy, Arielle and Danny. Here is a picture of me and El Toro taking out my laundry.



My Manifesto.

Art means nothing

Art means everything

Art is something we rely on

Art is something we look to as inspiration

Art is inspiration

Art is the w h o l e kitchen sink, cleaned.

Art is from within

Art stems from our surroundings

Art lies beneath the sprinkles that top my frozen yogurt

Art holds to the trees as the leaves fall during autumn

Art is our surroundings.

Art is writing

Writing is art

Writing is blah blah blah

Writing is personal

Writing is public

Writing is cut outs of words pasted onto a blank piece of paper




So Funny!

Last night I was with my friends and I noticed that on one of their facebook pictures, I found TORO!!! I don’t know where T got toro from… but i’m pretty sure this is the same Toro as our class Toro. This picture was uploaded to facebook last week and this picture looks as if there was candy or something inside TORO previously to what he is filled with now. I wonder if T got toro from a garbage can or from a store. Where did Toro come from? I think I found his prior life to our classroom…..







Being sick honestly sucks. I’ve been sick with the flu since last Thursday. I had to even go to the hospital on Sunday because I was so sick. I think I felt worse being locked up in a small dorm room as opposed to being home under my parents care. On Monday, I woke up and just knew that I had to go home. I booked a flight home and the doctors at home said I should be out of school until Friday. It’s not fun being home all alone and sick. I’ve been in bed all day and today is the first day I’ve been able to get myself up and doing a little bit of work. I miss being in school as weird as that may sound. I enjoy going to class and being with my friends. I’m not the type of person who likes to be alone, so being sick for me really does suck! 

Designing stuff

I love to design things for my sorority. It’s weird,  I actually have an obsession with it! I’m always looking to make a new zip up or a new tee shirt. It’s almost like my own form of art. I can do whatever I want on these shirts and design whatever I feel like designing. Below are some of my things that I’ve designed! I’ve realized that even though I am not a true artist in the sense that I can’t draw that well, my collaging and my designing make up for my lack of my drawing artistic ability.




Wow, “Why Cheap Art?” “HURRAH” “Art is like good bread”. It’s true! This poem is something that I truly understand. I truly so get it. Art is something that’s normal and something that’s every where in our every day world. One of my favorite lines is Art is for kitchens. Kitchens are something that are inviting and homey and most homes have a kitchen. Art makes you want to go somewhere and do something. Kitchens are a place of togetherness. Everyone at my house is always in the kitchen. The best art belongs in the kitchen because every one is there and every one can enjoy it as they are enjoying their food. I honestly loved this poem and it made me understand surrealism more. 


My skulls

After the death of Alexander Mcqueen, Skulls have become so in and fashionable. I love skulls when they don’t look gothic or weird. I’ve noticed all my friends wearing these bracelets and I fell in love with them.  The Bethany Skull Bracelet by Patricia Field is my new favorite bracelet. For only $12 a bracelet, you can stack them or wear them individually. They come in all different colors and are very comfortable on the wrist. They make a great gift for a friend and they’re very reasonably priced. I seriously love these bracelets and I wish I could get them in every single color. I was thinking about it, and my birthday is coming up so maybe i’ll ask my parents for these 🙂


I am Tristan Tzara

For project 2, I want to research more about Tristan Tzara. I’m excited to get to know more about Tzara and his influence on Dadaism.

Practice makes perfect.

I can see why my parents took us to the lake every summer. The green water reflecting the blue tint of the sky. The aquatic plants exotic looking and foreign on the banks by the sand to me. Though, the water looked murky and king of gross, but I went in anyway most of the time. The cold always sent shivers down my spine and the sand always felt weird. But then i got used to it, like most things in life. The cool water no longer felt cold as i made my way in, down to my shoulders. Then my chin, my nose. I was almost completely submurged.The waves splashed my face. 


written by Rachel, Andy, Arielle



Jean Arp


 Another member of the Dada movement who inspires me is Jean Arp. Arp was a sculptor, painter, poet and abstract artists. He was actually one of the founders of the Dada movement in  Zurich. He broke with the surrealist movement to find Abstraction-creation. Arp’s work appeared in the first exhibition of the surrealist group at the Galerie Pierro. Art received the grand prize for sculpture at the venie biennale.